LEGO Nexo Knights - Season 5

posted on Saturday, 11th November 2017 by
Some pictures of the new LEGO Nexo Knights Sets for 2018 are online. As you can see there will be a change to the power system, the Nexo Powers will also feature Merlok Powers, which appear to look a little bit different to the normal Nexo Powers. So stay tuned for an update of the Merlok 2.0 App in the near future.

40 years LEGO Technic at the Modellbaumesse in Ried, Austria

posted on Sunday, 15th October 2017 by
LEGO Technic footage of the Modellbaumesse in Ried, Austria:

A visit to the Modellbaumesse Ried in Austria

posted on Saturday, 14th October 2017 by
Some footage of the Modellbaumesse in Ried, Austria:

Delivered: 75192 Millennium Falcon

posted on Saturday, 7th October 2017 by
The new Millennium Falcon just arrived today:

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Series - Part 2

posted on Thursday, 27th July 2017 by
Opening and building the rest of the new Collectible Minifigures Series: The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Series (71019). It's a really nice Minifigures Series, with lots of details and unique prints!

The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Series - Part 1

posted on Wednesday, 26th July 2017 by
First video of the new Collectible Minifigure Series: The LEGO NINJAGO Movie Series (71019). More coming soon.

LEGO City Update #3

posted on Sunday, 18th June 2017 by
3rd update on my LEGO City project. The mainstreet with the modular buildings is now up and the sides streets are layed out.

LEGO Nexo Knights - Lance's Twin Jouster - 70348 - Speed Build

posted on Tuesday, 6th June 2017 by
Hunt the Rogul with Lance’s four-in-one Twin Jouster!

LEGO Nexo Knights - Huge Haul

posted on Saturday, 3rd June 2017 by
Just got a huge LEGO Nexo Knights delivery!
I will keep you guys updated with some speed building videos.
Enjoy the weekend!

LEGO Nexo Knights - The Glob Lobber - 70318 - Speed Build

posted on Monday, 29th May 2017 by
Stage a siege with the crossbow-shaped Glob Lobber, featuring gray claws and monster teeth, and fire flick missiles with Globlin balls at the Royal Guard. Includes 2 minifigures.

LEGO City Update #2

posted on Friday, 26th May 2017 by
2nd update on my LEGO City project. The tables are now in and I'm beginning to lay out the train tracks.

Starting my own LEGO City!

posted on Wednesday, 10th May 2017 by
Mark the date, I am starting my own LEGO City!
At the moment I am working hard on finding the right tables for the setup. The next phase will be the planning of the layout. Hopefully I have enough space to do lots of separate train loops!

I love to share the development with you, so here is a first glimpse of the room:

LEGO NEXO Knights Power Mixer

posted on Friday, 16th December 2016 by
Here is a little tool to help you find the perfect combination for the new combine shield feature: LEGO NEXO Knights Powers Mixer

LEGO Dimensions wall shelf

posted on Tuesday, 15th November 2016 by

Here is a litte inspiration for a DIY LEGO Dimensions shelf. All the parts are available on the Pick-a-Brick program on LEGO Shop@Home. Below is the partslist:

  • 03x 3032 - Black - Plate 4x6
  • 04x 3029 - Black - Plate 4x12
  • 03x 3703 - Black - Technic Brick 1x16
  • 06x 3010 - Black - Brick 1x4
  • 02x 6111 - Black - Brick 1x10
  • 06x 2465 - Black - Brick1x16
  • 32x 2877 - Black - Profile Brick 1x2
  • 17x 3032 - Black - Plate 1x2
  • 17x 3794 - Black - Plate 1x2 w. 1 Knob
  • 17x 3068 - Black - Flat Tile 2x2
  • 16x 87079 - Black - Flat Tile 2x4
Download the instruction / model (Lego Digital Designer)

Posters of the 90th

posted on Sunday, 10th April 2016 by
At the moment I am looking for a way to scan / photograph my old LEGO Posters. Here are the first results: