Starting my own LEGO City!

vom 10.05.2017 von Spyrius
Mark the date, I am starting my own LEGO City!
At the moment I am working hard on finding the right tables for the setup. The next phase will be the planning of the layout. Hopefully I have enough space to do lots of separate train loops!

I love to share the development with you, so here is a first glimpse of the room:

LEGO NEXO Knights Power Mixer

vom 16.12.2016 von Spyrius
Here is a little tool to help you find the perfect combination for the new combine shield feature: LEGO NEXO Knights Powers Mixer

LEGO Dimensions wall shelf

vom 15.11.2016 von Spyrius

Here is a litte inspiration for a DIY LEGO Dimensions shelf. All the parts are available on the Pick-a-Brick program on LEGO Shop@Home. Below is the partslist:

  • 03x 3032 - Black - Plate 4x6
  • 04x 3029 - Black - Plate 4x12
  • 03x 3703 - Black - Technic Brick 1x16
  • 06x 3010 - Black - Brick 1x4
  • 02x 6111 - Black - Brick 1x10
  • 06x 2465 - Black - Brick1x16
  • 32x 2877 - Black - Profile Brick 1x2
  • 17x 3032 - Black - Plate 1x2
  • 17x 3794 - Black - Plate 1x2 w. 1 Knob
  • 17x 3068 - Black - Flat Tile 2x2
  • 16x 87079 - Black - Flat Tile 2x4
Download the instruction / model (Lego Digital Designer)

Posters of the 90th

vom 10.04.2016 von Spyrius
At the moment I am looking for a way to scan / photograph my old LEGO Posters. Here are the first results:

Spyrius advertisment from 1994

vom 22.03.2016 von Spyrius
Found this awesome Spyrius vs. Unitron commercial from 1994:

LEGO NEXO Knights Power Übersicht

vom 01.01.2016 von Spyrius
Wir haben für euch alle LEGO NEXO Knights Shields zusammengestellt. Außerdem gibt es nun die Möglichkeit über die QR-Codes direkt auf höhere Schadenslevel zu steigen.

Die passende LEGO App findet Ihr hier: NEXO Knights - Merlok 2.0.